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If you own your own business, start­up, or an SME, your HR policy is a vital aspect to be covered. Well, a planned HR policy avoids risks.

Strategic management is crucial for small businesses; however, the use of its principles is only limited in SMEs. Since these businesses are small in scale, most emphasis is laid on operational management.

SMEs cumulate functions mostly through oral communications. It is quite commonly seen that HR lags in such industries because their main focus revolves around day­-to-­day business operations.

HR should be well­-aware and focussed when it comes to SMEs, as there’s no asset bigger than the employees for any organization.

Challenges of HR in SMEs

It has been noted that HR faces many challenges when it comes to the management of small businesses. There are many reasons behind it, let us have a look at the common challenges faced by HR in SMEs.

  • Hiring Restrictions: For most small organizations, the hiring process is quite straightforward. Their limited resources to offer often lead to a lack of quality talent hiring. Sometimes, the hiring process is carried within a few days restricting HR managers to recruit a cultural fit for the organization
  • Neglected Employee Training: Most SMEs do not invest in employee training. The lack of employee training can be a big challenge to HR managers as employees lack engagement and productivity.
  • Payroll: Filing taxes and maintaining payrolls is a challenging task for small businesses. It often takes a lot of time for managers to efficiently work on them.
  • Organizational Culture: SMEs need to cultivate and secure a distinctive organizational culture. However, it gets very challenging for the HR team to foster and preserve this culture.

How can HR focus on SMEs?

Even though many challenges are faced in small organizations for the adequate working of HR, they must focus on SMEs. It can help to head the organization in the right direction.

We have compiled key HR strategies that can help you focus on SMEs. Work through these techniques for promising results.

1. Organize

The first thing you need to focus on is the organization of the workplace. HR managers can do this by writing up an employee handbook and updating it timely. It gives the staff a clear idea about how they should interact with the business. Make sure it is in simple language and easily understandable. Include important information like code of conduct, office policies, insurance, and paid leaves, etc.

2. Recruitment

You should be clear of your aims before hiring an employee for an SME. The main objective of an HR team is to hire the right people for the right jobs. While hiring the skills, education, and experience should be considered. Also, make sure your job description is clear and suits the employee. You should establish a competency model for every department of the company. It will help in the smooth running of the small business.

3. Workforce Analysis

Since in small organizations a lot of work is on the shoulders of the HR team, they hardly get time for employee performance analysis. However, it is critical for an organization’s improvement. A workforce analysis helps in understanding the present situation of the company and its shortcomings. It gives a clear idea of the areas and employees that need to be worked upon. Another benefit of this analysis is that it motivates the employees to perform even better next time.

4. Construct Fair Compensation Strategies

If you work in an MNC, the perk of getting equitable compensations is a great thing. However, when it comes to small and medium organizations, the compensation levels vary. HR should incur yearly compensations that satisfy the working staff at all levels. You should establish a pay grade to ensure that all employees are compensated fairly.

5. Design Development programs

As discussed before, lack of employee training poses a problem to the organization in the long run. HR can design effective training programs for the employees to promote growth, productivity, and business. Your employees will get a clear insight about the organization, fellow workers, and will form a sense of commitment.

Overall Outlook

Many start­ups and small organizations overlook the need for an HR team. However, the HR team is extremely important for any SME. It becomes the duty of HR managers to enrich the work experience by offering the chance to learn new skills to the employees.

The HR team should focus on organizations, no matter how small it is. SMEs can reach newer heights if efficient management is followed. HR professionals strive to create effective performance management, rewards, development opportunities, or remedial actions when needed.

Virtual HR Programme Modules

  • Recruitment Processes

  • Onboarding

  • Competency Mapping

  • Succession Planning

  • Employer Branding

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employee Engagement- Fun @ Work

  • HR Policies & SOPs

  • Exit processes

  • PoSH- Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Payroll Management

Benefits of Payroll outsourcing

  • Frees up both time and resources allowing businesses to focus more on core tasks.

  • It reduces costs and risks involved.

  • Gives businesses access to the latest technology and expertise to perform payroll functions well.

Our Services

  • Payroll Processing with web-based solution

  • Salary Structure Creation

  • Prepare form 16 (including Part A & B)

  • MIS Report

  • Salary Register

  • PF, ESI, PT & customize report

  • Leave balances, accruals and Utilization

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