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Soft Skill Using Emotional Intelligence

Undoubtedly, students of today are the future employers and employees of profitable global businesses. So, if students are looking to establish a successful professional career, here are the numerous ways in which soft skills are important for them to enjoy an edge over others who are not abreast with these life­changing “people skills.

During this course you will learn

  • Building confidence in communication.

  • How to manage Time and Task effectively.

  • Will have a full understanding of soft skills and why they need to have it..

  • Understand the critical thinking process and would learn tips on how to enhance that soft skill.

  • Survival and resilience skills and would be able to adapt to different situation.

  • Students will Understand how to Use Emotional intelligence.

  • Goal Setting and Target Achievements.

Students will learn the importance of setting academic goals for themselves along with the pride that they enjoy upon meeting their targets.

Bringing to the fore the human traits of commitment, enthusiasm and motivation, students will make the most of their classroom sessions to meet their scholastic goals

Who is this course for ?

This course is for everyone who want to Develop emotional intelligence and a growth mindset in order to master the power of your mind and communication skill to perform better in personal as well as professional life .

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