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Python Course in Mumbai

Course Curriculum

  • History of Python.
  • Installing Python.
  • Introduction to IDE’s like Jupyter Notebook,Spyder,Anaconda.
  • Architecture and Library Collection in Anaconda.
  • Introduction to various Datatypes in Python.
  • The Idea Of indentation.
  • Understanding Python Interpreter.
  • Typecasting in Python.
  • How to Create a List,Tuple and Dicctionary.
  • Operations on List,Tuples & Dictionary.
  • Compare and Contrast List ,Tuple & Dictionary.
  • If Statement.
  • For Statement.
  • While Statement.
  • Elif Statement.
  • Break,Continue and Pass Statement.
  • What are Functions.
  • How to define functions in Python.
  • Concept of Function Overloading.
  • Defining __init__ functions.
  • Role of Decorators in Python.
  • Using Functions as objects.
  • Defining a function inside a function.


  • Creating Strings in Python.
  • Various string operations including striping and striding.
  • Creating Classes and Objects.
  • Data abstraction in Python.
  • Inheritance in Python Classes.
  • Concept of Method Overriding.
  • What are Exception.
  • Exceptions Vs Errors.
  • Catching Exceptions.
  • Reporting exceptions.
  • User Defined Exceptions.
  • Introduction to Tkinter Programming.
  • Creating Forms.
  • Adding Components like Labels,Command Buttons,Option Buttons,Dropdown Boxes etc.
  • Adding Canvas to Tkinter Frame.
  • Introduction to Numerical Python and Pandas Library.
  • Importing Data from Excel sheets.
  • Performing operations on Dataframes and sequences.
  • Creating a database.
  • Creating Dumps for a Database.
  • Connecting to a Database in the backend.
  • Adding,Retrieving and modifying the data in the database using Python Front End.
  • Understanding Scraping
  • Implementing ebscraping on Instagram
  • Introduction to MATPLOTLIB
  • Creating all Different Kinds of Graphs including,Bar graphs,Scatter plots,line graphs,worm graphs etc.
  • Defining and Using Regular Expressions.
  • Understanding Lambda Funtions.
  • Implementing Lambda Functions in Projects.
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