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HRMS & Payroll Management Software

In an agile business environment, the HR team may have a hard time managing a set of activities at the workplace. Regardless of what it might be; a startup or an enterprise, when the activities become cumbersome, the company will have to embrace technology. However, if the team uses the HRMS payroll software, then it can reduce the manual workload and time to a great extent. With this in mind, Zeromindlab offers a feature rich application that can make it easier to manage the entire gamut of activities. As you start using the payroll management system, you can simply forget about maintaining Excel sheets and avoid committing computational errors.

Why should you use a payroll management software?

  • With the help of a suitable software, you can certainly process payroll within a few clicks. Even when you have to take care of the salaries for many professionals across various departments, the software enables you to compute salaries accurately. You, as an HR executive, would never have to bother about statutory deductions, arrears, loan deductions, and more because the software takes care of such things.

  • With the help of the Employee Payroll Management System, your organization can keep a track of the working hours of every employee. Not just that, the software aids to track the time and numerous day-to-day activities. Apart from managing leaves and absenteeism, the software allows employees to raise tickets in case they encounter issues.

  • It really becomes tedious for the team to roll out challans as per the standards. However, the software can help to generate E-Challans automatically. In addition, the team can use the system to generate customized statutory reports along with labour law forms. With this taken into consideration, everything is generated with the format in mind.

  • Through the Employee Payroll Management System, you can generate payroll reports in an instant. It’s quite simple even when you’re not aware of the structure of the report. You can simply use one of the templates and customize it as per your preferences. You can also use configuration parameters for reports like PT reports, reconciliation reports, MIS reports, Ad-hoc reports, and numerous other reports. Such parameters will help you to make the report much more presentable.

  • Most of the time, the HR team may have to follow a process to calculate the income tax for professionals. But, with the HRMS Payroll software, the employee can get a fair idea of the tax that would be deducted. While they can check out the figure as the year commences, they can think subsequently think about tax planning.

  • When someone joins the organization, the software enables to maintain a record of the personal details, the individual’s educational background, and any other important information. Hence, when everything is updated into the software, the team doesn’t have to bother about maintaining files with important documents. This saves considerable time especially when the company is on the verge to recruit more professionals for different teams.

  • Post recruiting a professional, the HR payroll management software can help to configure complex salary structures with ease. Further ahead, the team can define a highly customizable salary structure according to the standards, the employee category, and the requirements. The HR executives can also add several salary components to calculate the gross salary for any professional.

Eventually, it’s very much important to set up an HRMS and Payroll Software which has plenty of features. Once professionals start using the software, there will be a significant improvement in productivity. Additionally, the software will help to enhance the overall efficiency of the HR department. This is because the software takes care of every activity that seems to be time-consuming.
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