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About HR Outsourcing Organization

ZeroMindLab is a learning and development firm which does research and analysis to enhance organizational development via their professional’s performance which will create organizational value with respect to their emotional wellbeing. ZeroMindLab listens to the organization to understand and diagnose their organizational issues.

What we do?

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Skill gap analyses to identify various needs per department, team and individual.

Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

ZML conducts study and to Identify, assess and craft future and current needs for students and knowledge workers.

Startup Mentorship

Startup Mentorship

“You don’t know what you don’t know” So wouldn’t it be valuable to talk with someone who does? If Yes, then let’s walk on your dream journey with lots of learning.

Improving Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

With a greater understanding of emotions, you will experience a positive impact on your professional and personal lives. It is a skill and need to train your brain for some desired results.

ZML on Emotional Intelligence.

ZeroMindLab fills the knowledge gap between the emotional well-being and mental health of individuals versus their performance assessment and therefore aims at a higher RoIe.

As globalization has moved away from the industrial revolution to the digital age, it has increased competitiveness – the complexity of work and execution of deliverables also has increased which demands an increase in individual capabilities too.









ZML for Organization

ZeroMindLab listens to the organization to understand and diagnose their organizational issues.

Behavioral Modification

Our worksite wellness programs emphasize the need for encouraging employees to follow and maintain healthy behaviors. We have a comprehensive range of wellness solutions that are specially designed to meet the need of low-risk workforce who can achieve behavioral modifications to stay healthy through simple lifestyle changes. Moreover, we also help the at risk employees with complicated health issues, adopt healthy behaviors.

Health Assessment

Our state-of-the-art health assessment module comprises of biometric screenings & health risk assessment. This assessment approach ensures that all aspect of our member’s health is covered. An effective wellness strategy focuses on key areas of wellness – medical background, nutrition, fitness, stress and psychological assessment. Our health assessment covers all the required parameters an individual’s lifestyle to suggest the next course of action towards a journey to better mental health & emotional wellbeing

business strategy success target goals

Our focus areas.

Mental Health for Entrepreneurs and Knowledge Workers

  • ✓ Knowing What, Why and How to achieve organizational vision.

  • ✓ Goal Setting and Planning.

  • ✓ Confidence and Communication

  • ✓ Health Analysis and medical intervention (lab tests)

  • ✓ Emotional Well-being

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